1 month


The basic plan allows you to use Multi Skype Launcher for a month.

1 year


By far, the yearly package is the most cost efficient plan. The monthly pay is insignificant due to the impressive discount.

2 month


Using Multi Skype Launcher for two months will give you a cheaper monthly price and a massive discount.

We accept multiple payment options. You can use your credit or debit card, as well as any of the above pictures online payment platforms.

Steps to follow to use Multi Skype Launcher

You do not require any experience or computer knowledge to buy, install and use Multi Skype Launcher. Simply follow the steps below and you can start using it within minutes only.

  • Choose the plan and purchase it.
  • Download Multi Skype Launher.
  • Install the application.
  • Set it up and use it.
No matter what platform or operating system you use, Multi Skype Launcher can be used in a few minutes only. The installation part might be the most challenging one, but if you have installed other programs before, it will be quite intuitive.

Try it out for free

Multi Skype Launcher comes with a 30 day trial. Try it today and find out how it can enhance your communicating experience.