No experience with Skype? There is nothing to worry about – Multi Skype Launcher is straightforward and suitable to anyone.

Revolutionizing the Skype industry

Generally speaking, you are not allowed to run more than one instance of Skype, regardless of the device you use – it could be a computer, a smartphone or a laptop. You will be prompted with an error message about it.

Everything changes with Multi Skype Launcher. You can open more accounts at the same time. For instance, connect your personal account, as well as your work-related account simultaneously. No other software can do it.

In order to do it, you will need more than one webcam and one microphone. In fact, you will need a pair for each instance. The program allows all these by modifying the Skype behavior without altering any system files.

Configuring Multi Skype Launcher

Configuring Multi Skype Launcher is highly recommended before starting to use it. Add a few accounts with the add button. No accounts will launch automatically, hence the launching button.

  • Add multiple accounts at once
  • Mix all your contacts in groups
  • Customize each group or category
  • Use the program just like classic Skype.

Try it out for free

Multi Skype Launcher comes with a 30 day trial. Try it today and find out how it can enhance your communicating experience.